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How Can You Help Loiyangalani?

Make a Donation

General donations are used to provide much-needed essential resources for the primary school. We have also funded the training of extra teachers where there are serious shortages. Email to: email to receive a gift aid form and details of where to send your money.

You can also download the Gift Aid form by clicking here.

Sponsor a Child - how it works

A small committee in Loiyangalani, including the headmaster of the primary school, Bosco, select children finishing primary school to put forward for sponsorship by us in order to attend Loiyangalani secondary school. The choice is based on 3 criteria – they must be bright, hard working, and not have family means to pay for secondary school.

Secondary school is for 4 years and the school year starts in January. The fees are approximately £300 per year plus there are start up costs in the first year of about £80 to cover books, uniform and other equipment. Payment can be made either monthly or annually by standing order. If you sponsor a child, all the money you donate goes to that child. You will receive an introductory letter from the child and a photograph. We will provide updates on their progress from time to time.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please email to

Leave a legacy

A gift in your will can ensure that more children can be helped with their education in the future.

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