Here are some comments from some of our sponsor explaining why they chose to support the Loiyangalani Trust.

"My husband and I have sponsored children through the Loiyangalani Trust for many years now. It is so lovely to get feedback on the children's progress from the Loiyangalani team on a regular basis and we have seen many photographs and films of the school and village. We have received letters and news of the particular children we have sponsored, which makes us feel much more connected than just making donations to a worldwide charity.

Molly Cooper"

"Sylvia first started supporting a student through the Trust about 10 years ago. The good reputation of the Trust's work and the ability to be personally involved in a smaller local charity were appealing characteristics. In 2014 I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit Loiyangani in person as part of the charity's team on one of the periodic visits to the village. I had not previously been to sub-saharan Africa and certainly nowhere anything like Loiyangalani nor experienced the process of getting to this extremely remote but quite populous settlement in northern Kenya. It was something of an eye-opening culture shock for me! It was great to meet Sylvia's sponsored student in person and some of the other amazing young people and dedicated school staff there. I subsequently began and continue to sponsor another student to help with their education. Two years later I again visited the village with my daughter on another encouraging and enlightening trip for us both. We commend the Trust and the very worthwhile work that they do.

John & Sylvia"

Registered Charity No 1148989.

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