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About the Schools

For many children education is the only hope of escape from a life of poverty so they are very keen to do well at school and usually work hard. Tribal customs permit teenage girls to be married off to older men in return for a certain number of goats. Education may offer an alternative life choice for these girls.

Primary education is free but they have to buy a uniform (£10), beyond the reach of many. The school is run by a very enthusiastic group of teachers but it is very short of basic resources such as books and desks.

Loiyangalani Primary School

Loiyangalani School Children

Loiyangalani Primary School has approximately 700 pupils aged between 6 and 17. There are 8 classes. The junior classes have close to 100 children in each.

All pupils start in Grade One and may start at any age provided that they are at least six years old. At the end of each school year there is an exam.

Only those who pass the exam are permitted to move up to the next grade. Most students will repeat at least one grade during their primary school years. There are eight grades in all.

The principal subjects taught are Kiswahili (the native tongue for most of the children), English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Religious Studies.

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